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Truvera Mortgage Corporation is covered by the following analyst:

Fundamental Research Corporation - Siddarth Rajeev

See attached initiating copy and subsequent update of third party, independent research report on the Mortgage LP, prepared by Fundamental Research Corp. 

Some noteworthy findings from the Reports are:

  • The Partnership is rated “very good return -to -risk ratio” (see page 11)

  • The Partnership is rated as being “below-average risk” (see page 11)

  • “Investors in the fund have voting rights which is a significant and important right and further aligns management and investors’ interests. Note that most mortgage investment entities do not offer voting rights to investors” (see page 2).

  • The Partnership’s net fees to unitholders is on the lower end (see page7 of initial report)

  • Alignment of interest between the fund and Lanyard a positive (see page 3 of update)

  • Three-year track record of above average performance (see page 5)

  • One of the key strengths is its multiple layers of vetting and oversight (see page 1 of initial report)

  • Fund Leverage is limited to a maximum amount of 20% of AUM (see page 6 of initial report)

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